3. Next is not so popular but its intermediate between PLC and full fledged DCS system from ABB. its called Compact Control Builder for programming AC800M range of DCS controllers.

the tutorial from ABB control systems channel is extrensive and gives great insights to the development procedures used in DCS systems.


4. Wonderware Intouch SCADA tutorial

there are a bunch of videos about using and drawing and developing graphics and mimics for training to project specifics. while it is very high level one can start by looking at video here:

2.  The next level of PLCs which are very popular and has lot of installations is the ROCKWELL's ALLEN BRADLEY series of PLC which is programmed through RSLogix.

There is this intro video for RSLogix which is very helpful while starting off with the PLC.

more links found in video1, video2, video3.

5. Codesys:

codesys is a function block editor platform used widely for mid level to higher end PLC and also for few DCS applications. Learning Codesys provides unfair advantage for engineers who have little or less field exposure. this tutorial will help wade through the subject.

PLC training videos online for amateurs.

Some of the courses present online for PLC/DCS of various levels of expertise.

1.  First one is the small level TWIDO PLC from Schneider Electric.

the full playlist has a lot of videos providing step by step procedures for coding and downloading and debugging the PLC. The PLC costs less and it has around 8DI and 8DO which makes it a perfect one to start learning PLC It is useful for amateur to professional coding using Ladder diagrams.


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